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Once you made bot, you wonder how many people use it, what requests do they perform and if there are any errors. The easiest way is to save this data to the database, but what if you need a ready-made solution? As I can see now, there is a bunch of services with unclear pricing models…. Read Article →

This is the fourth post from bot series. Now I have POJOs, codecs and bot skeleton. We need to figure out how to find recipes by ingredients in a flexible way. I came up with idea that on each request, the bot will return only one recipe. A user could click on the ingredient which he wants to exclude… Read Article →

I continue to write about telegram bot which I going to create. This time I’ll tell about initial steps, required to create Telegram bot using Java. First of all, we need to create a bot, let’s do it. There is a funny way to create it, using another bot, called Bot Father. Install it, the process is… Read Article →

Now you often hear about bots and that this is future, so I decided to check it out and try to build a Telegram Bot. I’m going to make a bot which could find me a recipe from given product list. For example, those which I have in my fridge. First of all, I was… Read Article →

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