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I decided to switch my job and find a good remote job to be flexible with location and working hours. Here I’ll post a links for websites which I’m checking to find a remote job for me. Remote OK¬†– Probably, the best website for remote job listings. We Work Remotely¬†– a website from 47signals, it… Read Article →

Today I came across the question on Quora: “What is the best programming language to learn after Java?” Actually I not just came across but answered this question. It is exactly the same question, which I am asking myself. A few weeks ago, I have started to look for interesting, prospective languages, that could be… Read Article →

To-do list – it is must have app on your smartphone. I decided to try different types of it on Android to choose the best one for me. Let’s make a short review of todos which I have tried. I’ll outline, what is critical for me. Good design – modern design in Lollipop style Home… Read Article →

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