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Recently, I decided to build a smarter bot and use platform for it. This tool integrates NLP and allows you to extract meaningful data from user messages. In other words, to make your bot more human-like. The tool looks powerful, the only problem is an absence of Java client library. So, I decided to build one. It’s… Read Article →

I continue to write about telegram bot which I going to create. This time I’ll tell about initial steps, required to create Telegram bot using Java. First of all, we need to create a bot, let’s do it. There is a funny way to create it, using another bot, called Bot Father. Install it, the process is… Read Article →

I’m continuing to tell about Telegram bot. In the previous post I described a process of scrapping, in order to retrieve data. I save my data to MongoDB and during my work I faced with some difficulties. In this post, I’ll write about codecs, which let you encode end decode your BSON data.

Now you often hear about bots and that this is future, so I decided to check it out and try to build a Telegram Bot. I’m going to make a bot which could find me a recipe from given product list. For example, those which I have in my fridge. First of all, I was… Read Article →

Some time ago, Google presented their Deep Learning algorithm called TensorFlow. The whole world has been playing with that deep dream experiment. I was not an exception. Some time ago, Google made a Deep Learning course on Udacity I wasn’t familiar with all this complex context, so my friend recommended to take Intro to Machine… Read Article →

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