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Once you made bot, you wonder how many people use it, what requests do they perform and if there are any errors. The easiest way is to save this data to the database, but what if you need a ready-made solution? As I can see now, there is a bunch of services with unclear pricing models…. Read Article →

In my previous machine learning post, I described preparing data. Of course, now I realised that I did it wrong. Now I have more data and better way to prepare it. My twitter script has been running almost a year. The data it collects and what it means you could read in the previous post. So, now… Read Article →

Some time ago, Google presented their Deep Learning algorithm called TensorFlow. The whole world has been playing with that deep dream experiment. I was not an exception. Some time ago, Google made a Deep Learning course on Udacity I wasn’t familiar with all this complex context, so my friend recommended to take Intro to Machine… Read Article →

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