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Now you often hear about bots and that this is future, so I decided to check it out and try to build a Telegram Bot. I’m going to make a bot which could find me a recipe from given product list. For example, those which I have in my fridge. First of all, I was… Read Article →

Recently I’ve read an article about docker. I became curious, why this new product became so popular in such short term. I can even say that it has become standard for web development. As you may know, Docker is open source project for deployment automation. The main feature is docker containers – the container isĀ … Read Article →

To-do list – it is must have app on your smartphone. I decided to try different types of it on Android to choose the best one for me. Let’s make a short review of todos which I have tried. I’ll outline, what is critical for me. Good design – modern design in Lollipop style Home… Read Article →

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