Today I came across the question on Quora: “What is the best programming language to learn after Java?”
Actually I not just came across but answered this question.

It is exactly the same question, which I am asking myself. A few weeks ago, I have started to look for interesting, prospective languages, that could be used in production, for real applications and could be useful for Java developer.

Pragmatically, the best language to complement web development is JavaSctipt. You can notice, that it is a vast demand for front-end development. Every developer, who works with The Web, should know JS at some level, of course. Crucial thing is that you should learn all zoo of libraries and build tools (it is really a lot), which are used in modern JS development.

As a Java developer, I am excited at possibilities and elegance of Scala,
it has a good community and also there is a considerable demand for developers. BTW, Martin Odersky, who is the main creator of Scala, have fully updated his course on Coursera
Functional Programming Principles in Scala

There is also the second part of the course

Principles of Reactive Programming

Although I’ve never used Scala in production, I try to use it for all my experiments and PoCs, there is also a variety of great tools in Typesafe stack. I think that this topic deserves a separate post.

From a perspective view, I’m considering two more languages:


To-do list – it is must have app on your smartphone. I decided to try different types of it on Android to choose the best one for me. Let’s make a short review of todos which I have tried.

I’ll outline, what is critical for me.

  • Good design – modern design in Lollipop style
  • Home screen widget
  • Todo for personal use (I don’t need premium team features)
  • No subscription – I just don’t want to pay for To-do list monthly. Yes, I ready to pay for the app itself, but noŠµ for subscription.
  • Categorization by project to separate work from home
  • Attachments and notes.


Hi, my name is Andrey and this is my third first post in my blog. I’ve tried to start some kind of a tech blog two times, this is third and I hope I will continue it. I decided to write this blog in English, although it is not my native language. So, if I will make mistakes, you’re free to correct me.

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